U6: Ages 4-6 • Boys & Girls

All About Making Friends & Creating Exercise Habits

The program encourages the familiarity and confidence. It seeks to provide both boys and girls ages 4-6 with an introduction to soccer, using fun games and activities to teach the games primary skills. Coaches pay particular focus on developing children’s coordination, balance, ball movement and self-confidence.

U8: Ages 7-8 • Boys & Girls

Developing Confidence with the Ball

This aims to provide children the opportunity to learn and have fun playing Soccer. Each session is designed to teach players new skills and techniques using fun games and drills delivered on a progressive basis. Sessions cover a variety of skills including passing, turning, shooting, heading & ball skills, as well as match time.

U10: Ages 9-10 • Boys & Girls

Refining the soccer skills

The focal points are on refining the skills that are emerging. A great deal of details is given to each child in the development of fundamentals, motor skills and generation of abstract thinking. Coaches will introduce the word “why” into a tactical contest, and question why some decisions are better.

U12-U16: Ages 11-16 • Boys & Girls

Mastering the soccer skills

This focuses on teaching the fundamental techniques of the game and showing players how to master these skills with a fun and professional atmosphere. The best opportunity to achieve our realistic goals of making them National/World Class Players.